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The Kickass Quotient Assessment©

Your first step toward a kickass relationship

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You want to improve your relationship.

The Kickass Quotient Assessment© shows you where to start.

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Because Knowledge is Power

I know firsthand how it feels to just be getting by in your #1 relationship. I know how stressful it can be to live with a maintaining or declining marriage. 

I also know how incredible it feels to be in a relationship that is thriving.

But if you’re not sure where to start, the journey to a kickass relationship can feel intimidating and even impossible.

The Kickass Quotient Assessment, designed for both men and women, removes those fears and gives you the awareness you need to start your journey.

Take the first step today. Your relationship is worth it.

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Augment Your Strengths,
Amend Your Weaknesses

The Kickass Quotient Assessment© walks men and women through the 13 key pillars of every relationship, helping you and your partner to… 

  • Develop self-awareness around the behavior patterns and tendencies you each exhibit
  • Show appreciation for the strong points in your relationship
  • Discuss problems and individual weak spots
  • Decide on areas for mutual improvement

By the end, you’ll have a good understanding of your relationship’s current status as well as what you can begin working on to see a noticeable improvement.

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Discover your own
Kickass Quotient and gain:


As you reflect on how YOU measure up in each category, you will begin to recognize the ways in which you can do better.


Then, as you and your partner rate each other, you’ll have a starting point for talking about some of your more sensitive issues.


Lastly, you’ll come away with a newfound resolve for making your relationship better, as well as an idea of what to work on first.

They say "Ignorance is Bliss"...

..But I’m here to tell you: they’re wrong.

That low-level angst you feel in your relationship on a regular basis? The frequent misunderstandings and accompanying resentments? The wanting to change, but not having any idea how or where to start? 

That’s not bliss.

Bliss is having a kickass relationship that fills your cup and spills over into every other area of your life. 

No matter where you’re at now, you can create that reality.

Take the first step and find out your Kickass Quotient today.

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Meet Matthew

Matthew P. Hoffman is a national speaker and author of Kickass Husband: Winning at Life,

Marriage & Sex. As the founder and co-developer of Kickass Quotient, the Kickass Couples Podcast, and his live event series, he thrives on teaching spouses how to develop their #1 relationship. 

His wife, Kimberly, is the first to vouch that he is, indeed, a kickass husband who leads men from selfishness and unfulfillment to satisfaction and love in their marriages.

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