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Building an Intentional Marriage

By November 9, 2022No Comments

Today’s blog post brings us the highly successful and business-savvy couple, Renia and Sean Orr, who’ve used their business skills and love for one another to form their business LDV-La Dolce Vita Elite. 

Renia is the founder of LDV La Dolce Vita Elite. She’s an international business strategist and transformational coach with 30 years of experience. Renia has been a speaker for Fortune 500 companies appearing on NBC Nightly News with Chuck Scarborough and many other publications. Her mission is to empower women to become leaders in their industry, achieve financial freedom and live a life of true purpose. Her signature program La Dolce Vita Elite business mastery is a place for women who are ready to access proven and uniquely personalized business strategies and so much more. 

Sean is a CFO and Senior Operating Executive who has been successful in a wide range of different business environments from publicly owned to both global and privately owned companies. He is an effective business advisor and coach who believes in making a big lasting impact by building businesses properly from the foundation up using a values-based approach. His executive and consulting experience has involved traveling to over 40 countries and six continents. Sean has held a wide range of senior executive positions such as president and corporate CFO roles at notable companies like PepsiCo, Frito Lay and Reader’s Digest. 

Let’s dive in and learn how these two powerhouses have been able to achieve their business and life success, in addition to their tightly-knit life partnership in marriage.

We started off in our Kickass Couples podcast interview with this couple by asking Renia what she thought made her and Sean a kickass couple. Her answer was that what she feels makes them a very unique and kickass couple is that they have a vision. They have the clarity and the commitment to create a very intentional life together. They go about building their relationship the same exact way as they go about building their business. Renia feels that this starts with knowing what they really want, setting their intentions for the relationship, and doing the work every day to inspire each other. She said they also make sure they have the support in their culture and in each other to keep them accountable and to create a life of meaning, purpose and authenticity.

Sean and Renia both grew up in very different circumstances, when they met each other they were both looking for more individual love, care, and support. They knew they were truly meant for each other when they went on a vacation together in St. Martin. They were literally together 24/7 for a week and neither of them was used to that, but they each had the best time of their lives. It was at that point that they knew they were meant for each other and it remains that way to this day. They work at it because they enjoy each other, and they are careful about communicating effectively with each other. They share the same vision and have similar goals. They are also very committed to supporting one another. 

Looking at this couple we see radiance, love, and friendship. They are each other’s number one project. They look at their relationship as a business. They give it the time, commitment and energy that it takes to be prosperous. Their perspective is that you would not go into business without a plan and commitment, passion, growth, and expansion are all a part of it. This is the  formula that makes them a kickass couple.

Renia is a business coach, and many of her clients are owner-operators of their businesses. She sees that it’s hard for them to separate their professional life from their personal life because they are very integrated. What it’s taught them is that you really shouldn’t be managing your professional life any differently than you manage your personal life and vice versa. When you go into business you have a plan. You try to execute against that plan and you hold yourself accountable for achieving the desired results. Why wouldn’t you manage your relationship that way?

Renia and Sean create vision boards for their relationship, and have put everything and anything on it that they truly desire at each stage of their relationship. It is the blueprint of what they want. It provides them an amazing opportunity to communicate what they want with each other. They mentioned during our time together that they’ve seen many couples, sometimes people who’ve been together for 30 years, that don’t know what they want and have never had a discussion about it. Sean and Renia had this discussion in the beginning of their relationship. It was transformational. They’ve made a commitment to create a vision board every single year. It’s a tradition. It gives them an opportunity to clarify their desires for their lives and their relationship. They look deep within their hearts to determine what they want next and what they are ready to have more of in their lives. It’s just like writing down a plan. The vision board serves the same purpose. 

“We were just going back over all the ones we’ve done. We looked at our vision board from 2018. We had a picture of the cars that we wanted to own. One of the pictures was of a white convertible, which is the exact car we now own,” Sean shared during the interview, “Before you ever make something happen, you have to think it first. Once you’re done thinking, getting it down on paper and committing yourself to realizing that dream is all part of making it happen. The vision board for us is part of that. We just really had to laugh when we saw that we now have the exact car, same color, same make and model, that was on our vision board.”

This couple is clearly intentional in their business and intentional in their relationship. The vision board is a nice illustration of the power of that intentionality. 

We really enjoyed every minute of our Kickass Couples interview with Sean and Renia. We loved hearing about their visioning and the intentionality in their relationship. It’s all great pearls of wisdom for our listeners to hear and to put into their own practice.

Where can you be more intentional in your relationship with your partner? Have you tried creating a plan or making a vision board for your relationship?

If people want to find Sean and Renia and learn more about them and what they do, you can find them at LDV stands for La Dolce Vita, that’s their brand. It means “the sweet life” in Italian. It is the essence of how they want to work and how they want to live.

Until next time. Remember, happily ever after doesn’t just happen. It’s on purpose.