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Exceeds Expectations! You’re Kickass!!

Thank you {Name (First):15.3}!

Congratulations! You’ve ranked yourself on all 14 pillars. Based on your answer your relationship is {Total:83} out of a possible 140.

Now that you’ve evaluated yourself, click here to go through the assessment a second time to rank your partner. 

When you’ve both gone through this exercise, sit down and compare your answers in an open discussion around what you can work on to take steps toward becoming a Kickass Couple. (And we’ll even send you a few pointers on having these conversations!) You can also come back and take this assessment again in a few months to check your progress.

Want an easy way to level up your relationship? Check out the Kickass couples Nation and join a community of like-minded, imperfect couples who are working to strengthen and deepen their number one relationship!

The 14 Pillars of Successful Relationships