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From Rough Start to Strong Marriage – Lessons from the Marriage Lab

Shannan and Javier Labrador are the ultimate power couple, traveling around the US in their RV named “The Marriage Lab” and helping couples with counseling and workshops. During their interview on the Kickass Couples podcast, they shared some valuable insights on how to build a strong and healthy relationship..

One of the key takeaways from the interview was the importance of understanding each other’s communication styles and personality traits. Shannan and Javier discussed how knowing these personal elementshelped them approach each other better. Shannan is the fiery one, while Javier is the Earth element. By understanding this, they have been able to communicate more effectively and avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Another important aspect of their successful marriage is their mindset on commitment. They draw inspiration from their parents and grandparents and have learned to give sacrificially for each other. Javier emphasized that being committed sacrifically to their marriage and to each other has been crucial to their success.

Shannan and Javier also talked about the importance of servant leadership in a marriage. They believe that putting your partner’s needs before your own is essential to a thriving relationship. By doing so, you build trust, respect, and a deep emotional connection with your partner that is more resilient to life’s challenges.

We had some great discussion on emphasizing the importance of responding to conflict with love, rather than revenge or anger. Shannan shared how she had to learn how to resolve conflicts in a healthy way, as her previous approach had been to escalate the situation by being fiery and aggressive. Javier’s calm and consistent presence helped reassure her that he was committed to their marriage and wasn’t going to move out or on just because they had encountered some thorny issues.

Overall, the interview with Shannan and Javier Labrador was full of great insights and inspiration for couples looking to strengthen their relationship. It’s clear that their RV, “The Love Lab,” is not just a cute name – it’s a symbol of their commitment to helping couples build stronger, healthier relationships. If you want to learn more about their work, be sure to check out their podcast! Link below!

Until next time. Remember, happily ever after doesn’t just happen. It’s on purpose.