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How a Strong Marriage Blesses Others

Kickass couples are often kickass both in their relationship and their businesses. Jillian Flodstrom and Joe Vego are both successful entrepreneurs in their forties and are just two years into their marriage. We’re excited to share their story with you!

Jillian runs several seven-figure businesses in three different industries. A few years back, a life-changing car accident forced her to rethink how she was doing business. Between feeling overwhelmed and extremely exhausted, it was always a struggle to juggle life and work. Inspired to scale down her life and business, she created a course, a product line and a podcast called “Scale Your Small Business.” She now helps small business owners mitigate the feelings of being overwhelmed by chaos and confusion so they too can grow and scale their businesses.

Joe has worked hard to develop his real estate business and has become successful in selling dream homes. 

Read on to learn how these two busy professionals manage life and work together, and still make time to dedicate to their kickass marriage. 

“One of the things that makes us a kickass couple, and it’s something that immediately attracted me to Jill, is we are both very goal-driven people. We not only have those attributes individually, but we share them with one another and we talk about it.” said Joe, “We plan for the future constantly and we’re on the same page. That’s been a big part of my relationship and my attraction to Jill from the beginning.”

Goals are something this couple is constantly evaluating and adjusting. They set their goals and allow them to evolve as time goes on too.

They hold something they like to call their “annual meeting”. This means a trip to Starbucks and a talk about their goals for the year. It’s not just business stuff, but  their individual goals too!

Jillian and Joe feel like the success they’ve created in their relationship spills over into every area of their life.  Whether it’s work in their businesses or the charity work that they do, their relationship success spills over everywhere. They’re aware that when you’re not happy at home, or if there’s a conflict in your relationship, it’s really hard to not take that with you into other areas of your life. They handle things head-on and quickly, so they don’t have those issues piling up and draining the goodness they have worked so hard to create and nurture. 

The spillover that’s created by their strong relationship has allowed them to bless the other  people in their lives. Their strong relationship, goal setting, and the way they lift each other up and promote each other in their endeavors, have allowed them to become successful in their businesses. This success has enabled them to be generous in ways they’d never thought possible. They’re able to give things to their parents and take friends on trips that they never thought they’d be able to do. Their relationship has not only been great for the two of them, but they’ve been able to bless people outside of themselves with their storehouse of success and overflow.

Until next time. Remember, happily ever after doesn’t just happen. It’s on purpose.