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How To Show Love Through Communication

By November 23, 2021May 18th, 2022No Comments

We’re grateful that we had the opportunity to interview Kickass couple Gabriella and Rob Kantor on the podcast recently. They’ve had over 20 years together and their commitment to one another continues to grow and prosper!

Rob got the conversation started by telling us how important it is for them to lead by example, not only their boys, but for their friends, community, and anyone who meets them. They’re committed, and they work on that commitment every day. “It’s real,” remarked Rob, “I’m madly in love with her, everything about her physically, spiritually, emotionally. And I’m very proud of the beautiful relationship we have.”

A large part of the Kantor’s success in their relationship, we discovered, has been understanding their different communication styles and love languages. They were able to learn this by studying the book: “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman. 

“We all come to a relationship with something different,” said Kim as we heard about their different family backgrounds, “the way that we grow up and the way that love was expressed to you by your parents or caregivers, is going to be very different from what it was for our partner.” She also added that we all come to a relationship with an expectation, from what was modeled to us when we were younger. 

Gabriella saw her mom and dad demonstrate their love as acts of service and gifts, and so growing up  that became important for her. Rob felt his mom showed her love for him when she participated in  activities with him like playing catch, riding bikes or climbing mountains. On the other hand, he felt his dad expressed his love by being a provider. And by learning and knowing this about one another, Gabriella and Rob have grown to understand how they can show love to one another in the way the other needs it.

They’ve also made a conscious effort to deeply understand what a good marriage looks like by studying and by becoming “students” of how to be a great couple. Their learning is done through books, mentors, and by being around other people with great relationships and replicating things that they like from those relationships. They grow together through different resources. It is a journey of learning, relearning and reminding.

At the Kickass Couples Podcast, we know creating a kickass relationship is not a fixed process. You’re a student always learning and always investing in figuring things out. Gabriella and Rob are a fantastic example of a Kickass couple. We hope the experiences and relationship mindset tips and tools they’ve  shared with us will support and prosper your relationship with your significant other!

Until next time. Remember happily ever after it doesn’t just happen. It’s on purpose.

Watch Gabriella and Rob’s podcast episode here