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The Kickass Husband Book

Kickass Husband is exactly that: a handbook for imperfect husbands who want to invest in and fortify their #1 relationship. 

Each chapter is relatable, succinct, and easily digestible, giving you tactics you can immediately begin using in your own relationship.

With anecdotes from Matthew’s marriage, as well as analyses from  Certified Gottman Marriage Therapist Chris Cambas, you’ll be equipped with the tools, strategies, and real-life examples you need to lean in to your #1 relationship and take it from floundering to flourishing.

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When was the last time you really put your #1 relationship first? Life is full of demands, pressures, responsibilities, and crises that can easily take precedence over your most important relationship if you let them.

Have you ever looked at successful couples and wondered ‘how do they they do it?’

This podcast is for you.

Each episode of the Kickass Couples Podcast dives deep into the relationship dynamics of power couples from a variety of industries and backgrounds, teaching you the 13 Pillars of successful relationships and how to apply them in your own life.

Perhaps your marriage has plateaued and you’re seeking inspiration and guidance, or maybe you and your spouse get along great and you want to keep it that way. Either way, the Kickass Couples Podcast will keep you present, invested in, and excited about your #1 relationship.

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