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Learning to Make Unified Decisions in your Relationship

By November 30, 2021April 1st, 2022No Comments

Today on the Kickass Couples Blog, we’re going to talk about non-negotiables. We got some great wisdom from Amber and Denny LoCascio in episode #4 on their two non-negotiable rules.

Number one is they can’t hit. They’re never allowed to put their hands on each other out of anger, in any way. And the number two rule is there’s not an option of cheating. They implemented these rules because they know they couldn’t tolerate, or even recover from either of those things.

In addition to their non-negotiables, we were really impressed with them saying that they’re always striving to improve and that they have a growth mindset for their relationship. We think that is definitely Kickass! They’re moving forward together and really cognizant of keeping that unified forward movement.

Decision making is an area they feel their unification is extra important. Communicating and working things out so that they are always on the same page, especially where the kids are involved, is key. Staying on the same page was learned by seeing their parents model this for them when they were kids, but also by doing love mapping work so that they could really understand where each other were coming from. 

Love mapping for Amber and Denny is also essential to navigating their different communication styles. They take the time to work with each other and understand their inner worlds, so that when it comes to making a decision they each have a really calm and clear understanding of how the other one is going to come down so they can be unified. This work has made it natural and easy for them to have unification in their decision making.

They both agree that communication is one of the toughest things that they work on and they admit they have room to grow in. Amber needs dialogue and discussion, while Denny is completely the opposite, he just wants the succinct facts. Through love mapping, they’ve learned to each come halfway and meet each other. Amber’s learned how to be less wordy, get to the point quicker and still talk about her feelings. Denny’s learned how to share and communicate on those things as well. 

This is a great example of the unification and the coming together that creates a thriving Kickass Couple! 

Until next time. Remember, happily ever after doesn’t just happen. It’s on purpose.


Watch Amber and Denny’s podcast episode here