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Becoming Kickass

Although my wife, Kimberly, will tell you I’m a kickass husband, I candidly admit that it hasn’t always been that way.

The two of us got married 26 years ago. I was a hopeless romantic, and I took the art of wooing very seriously. But, as I’m sure you can relate, life happened, and 20 years into our relationship we realized we were far from the vibrant couple we had once been. We were together, yes, but there was no excitement, no investing in each other.

I began making a habit of leaning in to Kimberly, and the two of us began practicing the 3Cs every day. And let me tell you—the last 6 years have been the most fulfilling, most rewarding, all-around best years of my life!

We travel, entertain, do business together. We homeschool our youngest son, and expose each other to new ideas. We grow together spiritually. We’re not perfect, and we fail every day. But we are also 100% committed to each other and we have a lot of fun learning from our missteps.

I believe every married spouses life would be better if they were fully committed to their spouse. I am on a mission to help others live that reality and prioritize their number one relationship.

How do I lean In?

Kickass Husband tells you how: it is a handbook for imperfect husbands who want to invest in and fortify their #1 relationship. 

Each chapter is relatable, succinct, and easily digestible, giving you tactics you can immediately begin using in your own relationship.

With anecdotes from Matthew’s marriage, as well as analyses from  Certified Gottman Marriage Therapist Chris Cambas, you’ll be equipped with the tools, strategies, and real-life examples you need to lean in to your #1 relationship and take it from floundering to flourishing.

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The 3-C’s of Kickass Relationships

In Matthew’s keynote presentation, he shares the 3 foundational pillars of thriving relationships and explains how relationship success leads to success in all other areas of one’s life. 

Anybody who has ever been in a long-term relationship knows how easy it is to let life’s many distractions take precedence.

Matthew’s keynote presentation on the 3Cs reminds us how important (and life-giving) it is to invest in our most important relationships, with a focus on 3 key areas:

  • Commitment
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution  

Audience members will leave with a newfound hope and actionable steps for taking their relationships, whether at home or at work, to the next level.

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Life is too short not to love the one you're with

Using the 3Cs to fortify your relationship

I know how hard it can be to figure out how to invest in your relationship amidst all of life’s other demands. But I also know how rewarding it can be to do so; when your relationship with your spouse is thriving, it becomes a well-spring of success for all other areas in your life!

I think about my own marriage, and how many mediocre years might have been infused with more happiness and fulfillment if only I’d had the knowledge I do now.

That’s why I am on a mission to teach every couple (or individual) who wants to level-up exactly how to do so. I want to share the tools, processes, and techniques I wished I had—the why and how of investing in one’s marriage.

Most of all, I want to empower others to become Kickass Couples, because life is too short not to love the one you’re with.

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Change Starts with Awareness

You know your relationship could use an upgrade, but where to start?

First, you have to honestly assess where you stand. For that, we’ve created the Kickass Quotient. It’s an assessment on the 13 relationship pillars (including the 3Cs, of course) that shows you your strengths, as well as where there’s room for improvement. 

Take the first step to strengthening your relationship and find out your own Kickass Quotient today.

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