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Matthew is a leading authority on...

…creating kickass couples! With 26 years under their belts, he and his wife joke that they are veterans at this relationship stuff. In reality, they’ve had as many ups and downs as the next couple, but their commitment to growth has helped them build the kind of thriving marriage that Matthew wishes everyone could have.

As founder of Kickass Couples Nation (a membership community designed to give couples the strategies they need to invest in their #1 relationship), and the Kickass Couples Podcast, Matthew is passionate about helping others create a happy and fulfilling relationship with their spouse. 

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Interview Topics

Matthew is an expert in the following areas and would love to share his insights as your next guest.

  • Why it is important to invest in your #1 relationship
  • How to become a kickass couple
  • How success in relationships leads to success in business
  • The importance of good communication
  • What it means to contract for commitment
  • Effective conflict resolution
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Matthew P. Hoffman is a national speaker and author of Kickass Husband: Winning at Life, Marriage & Sex. He is a fulfilled and successful husband who leads men (and women) from selfishness and unfulfillment to satisfaction and love in their marriages. He is also the founder of Kickass Quotient and the Kickass Couples Podcast and live event series where he teaches spouses how to develop their #1 relationship.

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