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Kickass Husband is exactly that: a handbook for imperfect husbands who want to invest in and fortify their #1 relationship.

Each chapter is relatable, succinct, and easily digestible, giving you tactics you can immediately begin using in your own relationship.

With anecdotes from Matthew’s marriage, as well as analyses from  Certified Gottman Marriage Therapist Chris Cambas, you’ll be equipped with the tools, strategies, and real-life examples you need to lean in to your #1 relationship and take it from floundering to flourishing.

But that’s not all! for a limited time, when you pre-purchase the book you will receive: (see list in product description)
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Here’s the great news: for a limited time, when you pre-purchase the book you will receive:

Physical copy of Kickass Husband as soon as it’s available

$23 value

Digital copy of Kickass Husband, with 52 video chapter summaries

$20 value

Quote & image book

$15 value

Kickass Quotient Assessments for men and women

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Book club discussion points with a digital download workbook

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The 3Cs for Kickass Couples digital video download

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Golden Ticket for Book Live Launch Celebration Party

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Sale Total:
It’s a $153 value for only $30!

For a bit of time, energy, and less money than the cost of dinner, and you could start turning your marriage around. Isn’t it a no-brainer?