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Stay on Course: How to Adjust the Sails of Your Relationship

By November 16, 2022No Comments

Sean and Renia Orr  are a dynamic, loving, full of energy couple and were on fire from the get go in our time together. Renia is so intentional about what she does, before we even started the interview she set the tone. She said “My intention is that this episode brings the highest level of clarity, authenticity and sharing with others on our own journey and inspires all our viewers to create even more beautiful, loving, fulfilling and inspiring relationships.” 

Renia and Sean were both intentional about how they showed up in this interview… and man did they show up!

One of the things we appreciated most about interviewing them is that we learned how a powerful couple can do life and business together and BOTH be successful.

They both expressed that they have a vision and a clarity about their commitment and their intentions for each other. They have many wonderful practices that they do together in business and in their relationship . They have a lot of commonality between how they approach both of those areas of their lives. This includes having action plans and holding one another accountable in business and their marriage. 

Sean talked about how they have a vision for their business and a vision for their relationship. They work to get clarity on those things. His philosophy is why would you do things that are good business practices and not do them in your relationship as well? This couple feels that if it works in business, it will work in their relationship too. They’re intentional and mindful in both of those areas of their lives.

We always like to go back and see what love looked like to people growing up because it really informs and influences who we are today individually, and, as a couple. Renia and Sean had very different backgrounds that were difficult for both of them. Renia came out of communist Poland where she learned survival. Sean was one of six kids and didn’t want to fall into the patterns that he experienced from his family. Each of them had an unsuccessful relationship prior to meeting oneanother. 

Renia came to the US with a young child. She was single for a while and then began to see in her mind’s eye the relationship that she was looking for and wanted. It was based on what she knew she needed and didn’t have growing up. Through prayer, meditating, and thinking she created a vision of what she wanted in a relationship and she held out for that.  Soon after, Sean showed up!

Sean also had a vision in his mind’s eye of what he wanted in a relationship and was working on his vision when he found Renia. It’s so beautiful that they each envisioned, pictured and prayed for the partner they wanted and ended up together, able to fulfill each other’s needs. 

Manifestation is a very powerful thing. It’s real. It does happen. We saw it happen in this relationship. Another thing that really stood out to us was with regard to commitment  when  Renia said that their commitment to one another transcends everything. They make the decision each day to show up for each other. They do that through planning and visioning. They even establish blueprints of what they want their relationship to be and determine how they can move forward with those goals together. Not enough people do that. We really need to create vision boards together. We need to be looking and setting goals not just individually, but together. Reviewing and reevaluating them to make sure we’re on track is also important. We love the example they gave us all of how they do that in their relationship.

Sean talked about making sure your relationship is not set on autopilot and then forgotten about  when you get married. He stressed that continuing to invest in the commitment is important. Renia added to this by saying, “Decision means incision. We cut off all that we don’t want to be a part of and really step into our vision and our commitment to how we want to live our life.” 

We agree! If you think about what you’ve got to cut out and what is not worthwhile for your commitment to one another, you can clearly see the over-commitments and extra activities that are not good for your relationship and don’t need to be part of your experience. You can then cut that excess away.

They also pointed out that they make intentional time to communicate with each other, even though they’re in business together. Having time where they can just sit, talk and plan is part of their routine. They have a planning day each week, which often happens on a Sunday beach walk. Creating a space where they can be together to have some open, honest conversation with each other is important to them and to the success of their relationship.

In addition to being intentional with their communication, they also review their performance together. Sean is a retired executive who is now supporting and working with Renia in her business. They have decided to have performance reviews, not just of the business and how the business is doing, but on how their relationship is doing. They review how well they’re doing as a couple, and check to see if the relationship is where they want it to be. If it’s not, they discuss what they’re going to do to address that. They figure out together how they’re going to adjust and trim the sails to make sure that the relationship is performing the way they want it to. 

It’s really easy to get stuck in day to day routines and forget about really getting involved in and really nourishing your relationship. Learning how this couple creates and maintains their relationship with intention and keeps it on course AND KICKASS has been inspiring. We hope it has given you some tips to add to the success formula of your own relationship.

Until next time. Remember, happily ever after doesn’t just happen. It’s on purpose!