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We believe all couples deserve and are capable of experiencing an extraordinary and fulfilling marriage, and so we have an invitation for you to participate in the greatest gift challenge ever. 

What is it? We’re challenging couples to take the time to give of themselves and to invest in their relationship. How do you do this? It’s simple. All you have to do is write down 10 things on a piece of paper that you love and appreciate most about your spouse, and you present it to them as a gift.

A gift can be anything. It can be communication, an act of service, words of affirmation, or intimacy. A gift to your spouse is anything that you freely give them with no expectation of getting anything back in return. That’s important because when we do those things in our relationship, we’re really learning how to look through the lens of prioritization. Our entire Kickass Couples Podcast platform is about learning how to put your partner in that number one position and making sure that you’re investing in them, so you can have the kind of relationships that will last forever and be more fulfilling than you ever imagined. 

This is a gift that will last a lifetime. We have 14 pillars that we talk about when we interview people. Those pillars are what we think are the key parts of any successful relationship. The greatest gift challenge hits on 11 of our 14 pillars. These are the foundations of a really successful relationship. This tool and fun activity, allows you to do 80% of what you have to do to have a Kickass relationship! 

We always talk about commitment as being the cornerstone of a relationship. How does this hit on commitment? Commitment is an action. It’s not just a word. It’s doing something to show your spouse how much you care for them and how committed you are because you’re saying what you love about them and what you see in your relationship. It says that you were emotionally impelled to put it in writing. That speaks volumes about your commitment. 

Good communication is not having great thoughts about somebody. Having thoughts and not saying it is like having money and never spending it. It doesn’t do any good right? You have to recognize the good and you have to speak it. The written word has the power to really transform because when somebody reads something that you authored, they’re taking it all in and they’re feeling your thoughts. They can pull it out at a later time and can read it again. It will make their heart smile every time as they re-experience the emotions that go along with your recognition of them and the personal affirmations you share.

You never want to wonder if your spouse knows how you feel about them or what you’re thinking. Putting it into the written word takes away all the doubt and guesses because it tells them in a way they can come back to again and again about the truth of your relationship. When you do this for someone, it makes them feel not only loved but safe and secure in their relationship with you.

You don’t want your partner in life guessing how you feel about them, wondering if you’re content, wondering if you’re fulfilled, or wondering if you still see those qualities that attracted you to them in the first place. When they hear those words of affirmation, it really increases their level of trust. Committing to doing this for your spouse tells them that you’re prioritizing them and that makes them feel important.

We’ve never heard somebody say, “I’m appreciated too much for what I do, who I am or what I bring to the relationship”. Everybody loves to hear the good things that they do and be recognized for what they’re doing, especially in their most important relationship. 

Step out of your comfort zone, lean into that number one, and give them a gift that lasts a lifetime in your own words.

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Remember, happily ever after does not just happen. It’s on purpose.