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The Power Couple Playbook: How to Together Thrive in Love and Work

Kimberly and Matthew here, back with another exciting blog post! Recently, we had the pleasure of interviewing an amazing power couple from Atlanta, Georgia—Rob and Linda Kessler. These two are the epitome of a kickass couple, and we had a blast chatting with them.

Right from the start, it was clear that Rob and Linda have a unique dynamic. Unlike most couples who spend their days apart, these two spend the majority of their lives together. As Linda put it, being together that much can either make you want to kill each other or love each other. Fortunately, it’s the latter for Rob and Linda. They work on different projects and enjoy each other’s company, finding a balance that keeps their relationship thriving.

When we asked them what makes them a kickass couple, Linda emphasized the importance of love and spending quality time together. Rob highlighted their ability to complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses, creating a harmonious partnership. It’s all about balance, folks!

As we delved into their personal histories, Rob shared that his parents divorced when he was in fourth grade, and his relationship with his father wasn’t the best. However, his mom, who worked three jobs, always made time for him. Through her love and personal touch, Rob felt the affection and support he needed. It’s heartwarming to hear that their family has come together and become closer than ever, with Rob’s dad even taking everyone on a family cruise. Now that’s progress!

Linda, on the other hand, had a wonderful upbringing with her parents still happily together. Her parents demonstrated love through playful activities like singing together and playing games like Yahtzee and cribbage. It was a blend of fun and togetherness that made Linda’s childhood a joyous one.

We then delved into the three C’s—commitment, communication, and connection. Rob shared how his commitment to Linda stems from the realization that he wanted a lifelong partnership after witnessing his parents’ divorce. He knew he had to be faithful and be there for Linda, and that commitment has remained strong.

Linda stressed the importance of treating each other with respect and living up to the standard she sets for herself. She knows her worth and expects the same treatment from Rob. It’s a two-way street where they both commit to building a life together and focusing on mutual respect and communication.

Speaking of communication, we asked them how they stay emotionally connected and navigate their different communication styles. Linda believes it’s the small, simple gestures that matter the most. Sending each other loving emojis and giving kisses daily keeps their emotional bond strong. Rob, though not the best communicator in critical moments, recognizes the importance of talking things through and circling back to resolve conflicts. They know each other’s communication styles well and have found ways to bridge their differences.

Now, let’s get to the juicy part! We asked Rob and Linda about a time when one of them made a mistake or screwed up, and how they managed to navigate the situation. They shared that their communication styles sometimes clashed, with Linda being more assertive and Rob tending to withdraw. However, they’ve learned to understand each other’s needs and find a middle ground. It’s all about recognizing their own shortcomings and making continuous deposits into their emotional bank account through small, thoughtful actions.

Rob and Linda’s journey as a kickass couple is an inspiration to us all. Their commitment, communication, and connection shine through in every aspect of their relationship. They’ve learned from their past and built a strong foundation based on mutual love and respect.

Stay tuned for more incredible interviews with kickass couples like Rob and Linda. Until then, keep spreading the love and making your relationships kickass!

Remember, happily ever after doesn’t just happen. It’s on purpose.