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The Power of Intentionality in your Marriage

By July 12, 2022July 14th, 2022No Comments

Today we’re focusing on Kickass couple Jenny and Chris Swisher. Jenny is a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist. After years of struggling with her hormones, she learned how to live in alignment with her body, and created a personal brand, Jenny Swisher LLC, to teach other women how to manage their hormones so they can maximize their energy and be their best for themselves and the ones they love. Chris is a former high school science teacher whose passion is also fitness. They met, fell in love, and got married at the young age of 22. They are the proud parents of two beautiful daughters. Chris joins Jenny as CTO and CFO where they work together at building Jenny’s line of digital products, courses, and podcast. 

When it comes to being a Kickass couple, the Swishers feel it’s really about supporting each other and growing together through their relationship. It’s always been about support and realizing that each other’s dreams are really BOTH of their dreams. No matter what phase of life they’ve gone through, whether it be a job change or career change, they’ve always supported each other 100%.

They’ve had different phases. The first two or three years of their marriage they were traveling all over the country for Chris to compete at road races and track meets. It took give and take from a relationship perspective. Jenny went through some health issues shortly thereafter with migraine headaches and had Chris’s unconditional support through that. He’s also been a great support for her entrepreneurship and business ideas. It feels to them like they’re constantly trading supporting roles depending on whose dream they’re focusing on.

This couple is committed to moving forward together, supporting each other, and figuring out their way through. When it comes to supporting each other, they never say no. Instead, they look for ways to make it work, make it successful, and STILL love each other all the way through. Their commitment is unwavering. They’ve made a vow that no matter what happens, good or bad, they’re going to stick to it and work through it.

Their marriage advice for others is not to assume that your marriage is going to be happy without intentionality. Intentionality must be a priority. Jenny is a huge personal growth junkie and a John Maxwell certified life coach. This has helped her on a personal level. One of the things that he focuses on is having a personal growth plan. She remembers when she was introduced to that concept, she thought that it was up to her employer to help her develop new skill sets and grow as a person. She also thought that maybe it was something that just happened to you. One of John Maxwell’s most famous quotes says: “aging is inevitable, but growth is optional”. Jenny thinks the same thing goes for marriage. Your marriage can sort of persist through time, but it’s only going to thrive with intentionality and effort. 

We love and appreciate the thoughts and perspectives the Swisher’s have shared with us. We hope you do too!

Until next time. Remember, happily ever after doesn’t just happen. It’s on purpose. 


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