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The Power of Letting God Lead your Marriage

By June 15, 2022September 1st, 2022No Comments

This power couple defines what it means to mix business with pleasure and make it all work. Rory and AJ are co-founders of Brand Builders Group, one of the world’s leading authorities in personal brand strategy. They also co-host “The Influential Personal Brand Podcast, which was named Forbes top 10 podcasts to listen to in 2021. Rory is also known for his New York Times best-selling books, “Take the Stairs” and “Procrastinate on Purpose.” He is a leading expert in the psychology of beating procrastination, building a reputation, and creating a successful personal brand. He’s also been featured around the globe as a leadership speaker by companies such as Forbes, Fortune, CNN, and the New York Times. 

Rory and AJ have two young children together, and multiple successful business ventures. They truly define what it means to be a KICKASS couple. You’ve heard the old adage never mix family and business – these two prove that WRONG. In today’s blog post, we will share our key takeaways from our interview with this dynamic couple. We’ll break down concepts, relationship qualities, and key pillar points that they’ve used to build a rock-solid relationship that will stand the test of time. 

These two people are not only amazing people, but so are the businesses they have together, the family they have together, and the relationship they have together. They were business partners and friends first before they became  life partners. 

This high-profile couple recently celebrated 11 years of marriage, and know that they are still figuring it out. After eleven years into the marriage and 14 years of being together, they admit they are still discovering what it takes to have a Kickass relationship. They’re learning how to communicate with each other, how to resolve conflict, how to make time, and how to prioritize their relationship. 

We really appreciated them opening up and  being forthcoming about where they’ve been and where they are today in their relationship. They both came from  different backgrounds – radically different backgrounds. We saw that what really bonded them together was that they’ve built their relationship on a foundation of spirituality, making God first and prioritizing God first and their relationship. Rory shared that if they’re both pursuing God, then that path is bringing them closer together in a triangle. It’s important because they’re pursuing something that’s good for the two of them. 

For our listeners, your faith may not be Christian, it may not be Jewish, Hindu, or Muslim, but it’s kind of that belief that there’s a power outside of yourself, something greater where you’re not focusing on yourself. This leads into the idea of servant leadership, where you’re looking for and actively living your mission and your purpose in the service of others. Rory says that they are mission-driven messengers. That speaks to them individually, and it’s also the mantra they speak in their business. They’re looking outside of themselves for that greater power. 

Even though they’ve come from two very different backgrounds,  we believe the way they’ve been able to connect and make this work is planted solidly on that foundation of spirituality and letting God lead.

Until next time. Remember, happily ever after doesn’t just happen. It’s on purpose. 


Listen to Rory and Aj’s Kickass Couples Podcast Episode here