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Unleash Your Red Hot Intimacy: The Kickass Couples’ Guide

By August 9, 2023No Comments

Welcome, back to the blog Kickass Couples! Today, we’ve got some sizzling insights on how to achieve that red hot intimacy in your relationship! Grab your partner’s hand and get ready for a journey that’ll heat things up!

We had an electrifying conversation on this topic recently on the Kickass Couples podcast with our special guest, the ninja of couples and counseling, Chris Cambas. Trust us; you don’t want to miss that episode (linked below)!

Now, let’s dive into the highlights and uncover the secrets to keeping that passion alive!


  1. It’s Not All About the Physical: Yes, intimacy is more than just the wild excitement in the bedroom. True intimacy is the daily commitment and discipline to put your partner first and invest in your relationship. That’s where the magic begins!


  1. Building the Foundation: Like a performance on stage, red hot intimacy isn’t an overnight sensation. It’s the outcome of hard work, investment, and practice. Commit to building a strong foundation with your partner.


  1. Passion Comes from Commitment: Don’t fear commitment; it’s your ticket to freedom! True commitment allows you to connect soul to soul and experience the joy of two hearts dancing together and that’s where the true magic happens!


  1. The Honeymoon Isn’t Forever: Sure, the honeymoon phase is exhilarating, but the real adventure lies in keeping that passion alive through the years. It’s a journey of love and discovery that you can build to last!


  1. Turn Towards Each Other: When your partner bids for your attention(invites you to connect-listen or engage), turn towards them, lean in, and be present. Small, repeated moments of connection build trust and intimacy.


  1. Embrace the Discipline: Red hot intimacy is an ongoing, intentional discipline. It’s the daily practice of prioritizing your partner’s needs above your own  and showing up for each other.


  1. Love is a Dance: Picture two souls dancing together; that’s what passion and fulfillment feel like. Nurture your connection and watch the sparks fly!


  1. Invest in the Relationship: While new cars and clothes are fun, invest in your relationship. Pay attention, be present, and intentionally choose each other every day.


  1. Lasting Love: Our goal is a love that endures the test of time.


So….. kickass couples, it’s time to unleash your red hot intimacy! Make your love story one for the ages—full of passion, depth, and soulful connection. Trust the process, enjoy the journey, and see your relationship transform into an epic romance that you get to live.

Let’s turn towards each other, honor the commitment we’ve made, and watch our love dance to the rhythm of passion! Together, we’ve got this!

Remember, happily after doesn’t just happen. It’s on purpose!