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Welcome to the Part 2 of the Kickass Couples Podcast Anniversary! We’ve put together more highlights of the year’s best interviews. Read on and discover some of the greatest moments of the Kickass Couples Podcast!

Congressman Roger & Patty Williams 

This couple’s advice for a successful marriage is to create an environment that is peaceful. Roger and Patty suggest that you can do this by being committed to your partner’s needs and keeping the chain of compassion moving forward. Visualize a smooth road, not one with bumps on it. Most of the time we are the ones creating the bumps, so they advise always doing your best to “debump” the road. 

Eric & Natalie Southward

Faith is what Eric and Natalie Southward feel makes them Kickass. They prioritize their love and faith in God more than their love for each other. They believe that it shines in their relationship with one another. 

Without their spiritual intimacy, they recognize that they wouldn’t have the deep level of  emotional intimacy that they share. When they work hard to keep their spiritual and emotional intimacy solid, they know it further leads to their intellectual, physical, and sexual intimacy. It’s a solid flow for them.

Nancy & George Hensley

God has always been a cornerstone in the lives of Nancy and George Hensley. They have a little saying that they share often. It’s this: “each for the other, both for God”. It means a great deal to both of them. It’s a saying that’s been in Nancy’s family all the way back to her grandparents. They even have it  engraved in their wedding rings! We love it!

Elyse Archer & Jason Robustelli

When Elyse Archer and Jason Robustelli fight, it’s because they’re fighting for their relationship. They’re committed to growing together like no matter what. This sometimes means stepping out for a minute and taking a walk, but always coming back together to talk about what’s really going on deep down and how they can use it to grow closer together.

Elyse shared with us during their podcast interview that her safe zone was always her business. She knew how to excel there and eventually realized she wasn’t pouring that same level of attention, energy, and effort into her relationship with Jason. 

She suggests that you should treat your marriage like a business, but not in a way where you take all the fun and the romance out of it. It means you pour energy and effort into your relationship, just like you do your business. 

She now takes time during the day to get out of her office. She uses the time to breathe, get into mom and wife mode, and sets the intention of how she wants to show up in that moment. She reflects on how she can fuel her relationship with Jason so that it can grow and thrive.

Anthony & Christy Primmer

This couple made the decision when they got married many years ago that they were going to be the most epic couple they could be. Their goal was not only to be a representation for their son but for other people too. They focus on family first and it’s successfully gotten them through over 20 years of marriage!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these nuggets of relationship success tips as much as we have!

Until next time, remember happily ever after doesn’t just happen. It’s on purpose.