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Why do couples struggle with being honest?

By September 28, 2022No Comments

It’s no secret that trust and honesty are two of the most important bricks in the foundation of any successful relationship. Without trust, couples can quickly become paranoid and insecure with one another. And without honesty, couples can never truly be their genuine selves around each other. So why do so many couples struggle with being honest?

There are a few key reasons why honesty can be so difficult in relationships. First, we often worry that being honest will hurt our partner’s feelings. We don’t want to say something that might upset them or make them feel badly about themselves. Second, we may not be entirely sure what the truth is ourselves. It can be difficult to be honest if we’re not 100% sure of what we’re saying. Finally, we may simply be afraid of what will happen if we tell the truth. We may fear that our partner will reject us, leave us, or that they’ll never truly trust us again.

Here are 6 reasons why honesty is important in relationships:

  1. Honesty builds trust- (lots of bricks to build it)​
  2. Honesty facilitates problem-solving: when a relationship is built on truth-it opens the door for growth​
  3. Honesty gives us freedom because we do not have to worry about who we are and how we are treated because of it.​
  4. Honesty grows our character: when we are honest it grows our and other’s        character by holding them    accountable            ​
  5. Honesty teaches us many great lessons, it teaches us how to choose our words and communicate clearly and lovingly.​
  6. Honesty demonstrates genuine and caring love-  you want to protect and nurture each other’s best interests.

Many couples are able to successfully navigate these challenges and build trust and honesty in their relationships. For these couples, being honest is simply a matter of prioritizing their relationship and making it paramount to be truthful with one another. If you’re struggling with the level of honesty and truth in your relationship, consider committing to learning how to deepen and strengthen these critical bonds in your marriage. It may not be easy, but it’s worth it. Trust us. We’re here to help you navigate those waters and build back. Drop us a line so you can join our next webinar.