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Did you spend countless hours courting that special someone, then go on autopilot once she said “I do”? Happily ever after doesn’t just happen. It takes a conscious, organized, dedicated effort to consistently love and support that woman who has the ability to leave you speechless with her intelligence and beauty. In Kickass Husband, Matthew Hoffman teams up with marriage and family therapist Chris Cambas to show you how to build a successful, meaningful, and fulfilling relationship. In fifty-two short chapters, you’ll get a glimpse into a the real-life challenges Matthew and his wife faced and how they strengthened their marriage, plus Chris’s insights and reflections on the key principles that made it work. Taken together, these two view points give you practical tools and strategies you can use to greatly improve your own relationship. By renewing your commitment, learning how to communicate more effectively, resolving the conflicts that are solvable, and accepting the ones that are not, you and your spouse can become a kickass couple. When you invest in your number-one relationship, you too can create a deep and abiding love—a relationship that is built to last a lifetime.



About the Authors:
Matthew P. Hoffman
Matthew Hoffman is a kickass husband and successful business man, coach, father, and son. Matthew is an expert at leading men to become the most powerful and effective husbands they can be. He founded the Kickass Couples podcast, where he interviews successful couples across varied backgrounds, life stages, and professions. He shares their stories of how they established their relationships, navigated challenges, and created a union built to weather the storms of life. Matthew believes every successful marriage rests on a foundation of commitment, communication, and determination to resolve the solvable conflicts that arise

Chris Cambas, LMFT
Chris Cambas is a licensed marriage and family therapist certified in Gottman Method Couples Therapy. Chris operates out of a deep desire to help others claim victory and healing in their number-one relationship. For over twenty years, he has helped couples and individuals overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of their happiness and success. Chris has also worked with thousands of therapists, strengthening their practices through ongoing education and training to prepare them to excel in their practices with people just like you

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