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Join a community specifically designed to help you level-up your #1 relationship.

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You already know your relationship is one of the most important things in your life. So why not take it to the next level? Join the Kickass Couples Nation and discover everything you need to level up your #1 relationship.

Create a More Fulfilling Life
Build a Rock Solid Marriage
Enjoy Better Sex and Have More Fun

Everything You Need to Prioritize Your #1 Relationship

As part of the Kickass Couples Nation you don’t just have a front row seat to the Kickass Couple lifestyle, you get so much more!
  • A private Facebook group of other driven couples who want to level up their relationship too.
  • Monthly, live “hot-seats” with Matthew and the KCN Licensed Marriage Therapist team.
  • Monthly keynote presentations with live Q&A
  • Exclusive podcast content from Kickass Couples Podcast
  • Weekly, live-streamed TGWM (Thank God We’re Married!) videos with the 1 thing you should be working on this week
  • Exclusive discounts on the Kickass Couples curriculum
  • Monthly action items to make it easy to continue improving
  • And more!
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Imagine where your relationship could be with just a little more guidance on how to put your partner first.

Testing the Waters

Become a paid member and gain access to a number of excellent benefits to help level up your relationship:

Kickass Quotient Assessment

All current recorded content

Weekly blog articles

All podcast episodes

Private Facebook group

Exclusive KCP content

Retail Value: $1,200

Get it for only $50/mo for 2 logins!

Test the Waters

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Embark on an epic journey as a couple to strengthen your connections with life, marriage, and sex together.

Everything from “Testing the Waters”


Weekly TGWM videos

Access to our team of certified marriage therapists

Monthly hot seat live webinars

Monthly live relationship pillar discussions

Monthly action items

Retail Value: $2,400

Get it for only $100/mo for 2 logins!

Go All In

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!

Kickass Couples Nation provides you with guidance you need to fortify your #1 relationship. No matter where your relationship is, we can help you level up. Join us today to secure your spot and start becoming kickass in your own relationship!