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When was the last time you really put your #1 relationship first? Life is full of demands, pressures, responsibilities, and crises that can easily take precedence over your most important relationship if you let them.

Have you ever looked at successful couples and wondered ‘how do they they do it?’

This podcast is for you.

Each episode of the Kickass Couples Podcast dives deep into the relationship dynamics of power couples from a variety of industries and backgrounds, teaching you the 13 Pillars of successful relationships and how to apply them in your own life.

Perhaps your marriage has plateaued and you’re seeking inspiration and guidance, or maybe you and your spouse get along great and you want to keep it that way. Either way, the Kickass Couples Podcast will keep you present, invested in, and excited about your #1 relationship.

Episode 4


Episode 7


Episode 5


Top Kickass Episodes

Top Kickass Episodes

Episode 4


Episode 7


Episode 5


Listen to the Kickass Couples Podcast for...


As you learn how other couples navigate their marital challenges, you’ll discover timeless principles that will help your own relationship grow too.


Each episode helps you gain awareness around the pain points in your marriage, giving you ways to tactfully address them and bolster your relationship.


Leave each episode with a newfound clarity, hope, and confidence in your ability to create a strong and fulfilling relationship with your spouse.


Whether you're tuned in to one episode or one hundred, if the Kickass Couples Podcast left an impression on you, we'd love to hear about it!

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Meet Your Hosts

Matthew and Kimberly Hoffman are a veteran kickass couple who, like everyone, have had their fair share of relationship struggles. They come from different socio-economic and religious backgrounds, have different interests, and after 3 kids and 20 years of marriage they realized they simply didn’t have the same level of commitment, communication, or conflict resolution they’d once had.

Fast forward to today: they’re 26 years in now, and their relationship is better than ever! They live an adventurous, spiritual, playful life with their youngest son still at home, and they are on a mission to help others discover the joy and fulfillment that comes when you recommit to each other and give your #1 relationship the time and attention it deserves.

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Change Starts with Awareness

You know your relationship could use an upgrade, but where to start?

First, you have to honestly assess where you stand. For that, we’ve created the Kickass Quotient. It’s an assessment on the 13 relationship pillars (including the 3Cs, of course) that shows you your strengths, as well as where there’s room for improvement. 

Take the first step to strengthening your relationship and find out your own Kickass Quotient today.

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