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Lessons Learned from a Kickass Couple: Christine and Bret Eartheart

By June 14, 2023No Comments

Hey there, Kickass Couples Podcast readers! Kimberly and Matthew here, excited to share some incredible lessons we learned from our recent interview with Christine and Bret Eartheart. These two amazing individuals have been through their fair share of challenges, but their commitment to personal growth and their relationship is truly inspiring. So, let’s dive into the valuable insights we gained from this dynamic couple.


Lesson 1: Doing the Work

One of the key takeaways from our conversation with Christine and Bret is the importance of doing the work in a relationship. Initially, they experienced the blissful honeymoon phase, but as time went on, they realized that sustaining a fulfilling connection required effort. Just as they had prioritized personal growth, they understood that nurturing their relationship demanded a unique skill set and dedicated effort. By committing to personal and relational growth, and actually putting their relationship-reps in, they were able to transform their relationship into something truly extraordinary.


Lesson 2: Embracing Differences

Christine and Bret’s story highlights the significance of embracing differences in a partnership. While they acknowledged their contrasting personalities, they made a conscious effort to harmonize their unique qualities and strengths. Rather than allowing their differences to become a source of conflict, they learned how to leverage them to uplift and strengthen their relationship. This intentional collaboration not only brought them closer but also taught  them how to basque in the glow of each of their inherent uniqueness. .


Lesson 3: Sharing Love and Service

The Earthearts firmly believe that the purpose of their transformed relationship is to spread love and serve others. What started as their personal journey of healing and growth soon became a mission to help other couples facing similar challenges. Their love and commitment have become a powerful force for positive change, inspiring hope in those who are struggling in their relationships. By using their experiences to uplift and support others, they have discovered immense joy and fulfillment.


Lesson 4: Recognizing the Impact of Childhood Influences

Our discussion with Christine and Bret highlighted the impact of childhood experiences on adult relationships. Bret grew up in a family with struggles and dysfunction, which initially led him to doubt the possibility of a successful marriage. On the other hand, Christine had the privilege of witnessing her parents’ loving and committed relationship. These different backgrounds shaped their initial perceptions of love and influenced their expectations. Recognizing and working through these influences became an essential part of their growth as a couple.


Lesson 5: Recommitment as a Cornerstone

Commitment emerged as a cornerstone of Christine and Bret’s relationship. They emphasized the significance of continually recommitting to each other and the relationship, especially during challenging times. Whether through internal dialogue or spoken words, they regularly expressed their dedication to being allies and teammates. This ongoing recommitment allowed them to prioritize their relationship above all else, nurturing it proactively to maintain the deep connection they desired.

In conclusion, our interview with Christine and Bret Eartheart shed light on valuable lessons that can enrich any relationship. By embracing personal growth, appreciating differences, and committing to the journey together, couples can create a kickass partnership. We hope their story inspires you to embark on your own path of growth and love, leading to a thriving relationship.

Until next time. Remember, happily after doesn’t just happen. It’s on purpose.

Kimberly and Matthew Hoffman